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June 26, 2012

Quinn - 7 weeks after ear tubes

 The doctors/therapists reminded us that this wasn't going to be a "quick-fix" and that she would NOT suddenly be talking up to age level.  The therapists especially reminded us that she will still go through the same stages of talking - first babbling more, animal sounds, small words that aren't exactly the word, etc.  In addition, any words/sounds that she was making before the surgery would now be re-learned now that she is hearing things differently.

So, what has happened?  My sweet angel has been making some big strides in her book lately.  She is babbling/yammering (whatever you'd like to call it) more and more.  I find her repeating certain things (especially in the car) but am unsure of what exactly she is trying to say.  She is saying many animal sounds (cat, dog, horse, cow, sheep, monkey, duck, and bunny (who goes hop-hop in case you are wondering)).  Last week, she said a couple of words that I was able to make out - apple and all done.

Although her talking is going more slowly than I had hoped, we have found that her understanding has gotten much better. We need to start requiring her to make a verbal attempt at things, which is hard to do after you've learned to pick up on certain cues or signs that she knows. Yet, at least we are moving forward instead of standing still!

June 14, 2012

Quinn's 2-year check-up

Quinn had her 2-year check-up yesterday.  She passed the autism screening, got one vaccine and we didn't get any new concerns!!!  Here are her stats (and percentiles):

Weight:  22 lbs 14 oz (4th percentile)
Height:  32.5"  (17th percentile)
Head Circumference:  19"  (71st percentile)


  • Diaper:  4
  • Tops:  2T
  • Bottoms:  18 month
  • Shoes:  5/6

Quinn turns 2 - Part 1

Can't believe that my little Quinnie is 2 years old!  In order to celebrate, we took the kids to Coney Island this past weekend.  They have rides and a pool area (with slides) and after 4 we could get in cheaper since there isn't as much time left in the day but we knew just a few hours would be enough at their ages!

We started with rides.  Most rides are around a 48" requirement one way or the other (must be taller or shorter to ride).  Quinn, of course, is not anywhere near that tall!  Owen hit just above the 48" mark so he could ride all the big kid rides.  So the hubby and I split up so that Owen could go on the big rides that Quinn couldn't.  I took Quinn to the little kid area which had some basic small rides that went around in circles and that was about it.  However, I knew this was not going to be an easy/exciting time.  I put Quinn on a little train and she cried.  I buckled her in, and she cried.  The person running the ride asked if I wanted to get her off before they started it, I said "no."  At this point I may look like a bad mom to the on-lookers, but this was my child and I wanted to see how she was when it was moving.  Once the trains started, no crying (not any smiling/giggling either) but she was content.  When the train stopped, we started crying again. So, I waited 5 minutes and then we tried the airplanes.  Same thing happened, so I decided it was enough.  Now, if there was only a place that would let me put her on and take her off while it was in motion... :)  But at least she experienced something new.

Later, we went to the pool area.  I took Quinn again and she was ok until her toes started getting wet (the water was a little chilly).  Once we were in for a few minutes (up to her tummy), she calmed down and splashed and giggled.

Owen had a blast!  He loved all the rides, did a couple of slides at the pool and just had a good day overall.